President’s Message




With the economy and housing market continuing to improve, it is time that we all rededicate ourselves to our chosen profession.  The Gloucester Salem Counties Board of REALTORS® is an organization rich in history and made up of an outstanding group of individuals.  It is important to note that the individual members are not a part of this organization, they ARE the organization.

 I would like to urge all of our members to become involved in the GSCBOR®, the community and the industry.  The past leadership and staff of GSCBOR® has put us in a great position to not only thrive as a professional organization but to also have an impact on our community.  With your help, this is the path we hope to continue in 2014-15. 

The National Association of REALTORS® By-Laws affirm that we are charged with the duty to “promote the extension and preservation of the right to own, transfer, and use real property.”

In 2013 alone we, as an organization were able to make effective changes on local governments when private property rights were challenged and it will continue to be the duty of all our members to preserve these rights.  We have received outstanding support from the NJAR Governmental Affairs office and they stand ready to assist whenever we call.  We have also instituted our own Government Affairs Committee and actively seek anyone willing to volunteer and join this or any other committee that you may be interested in serving on.

Service to the membership is our primary duty.  Our office staff, Maria, Kim, and Lydia are available daily to help with any questions or concerns you may have.  On the other hand, feel free to contact me personally also.


Jeffrey Tessing

2014-15 Association President

Gloucester Salem Counties Board of REALTORS