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Past Presidents of the Gloucester County Board of REALTOR

May 20, 2011 2:02 am
posted by admin

Originated in 1942
1943   Willaim R. Storrie*
1944   Edward J. Crist*
1945   Ada E. Wilkins *
1946   Clift A. Green *
1947   Robert C. Shunk*
1948   P. Mason Fox *
1949   Harry D. Uhl*
1950   Lawrence J. Darms*
1951   J. Graham Chesney*
1952   Pearl Budd Coy *
1953   Samuel D. Crist *
1954   Elizabeth H. Worthington *
1955   Samuel H. Carver*
1956   James B. Filer*
1957   Norton D. Worthington
1958   J. Sennett Holston *
1959   William DeLaney *
1960   Bernard Horwitz*
1961   Jack B. Green
1962   Vincent B. Faust*
1963   Charles W. Abel
1964   George E. Koelmel
1956   John D. Darms *
1966   Jack B. Green *
1967   George Kunkle *
1968   William DeLaney*
1969   Eugene W. Thies *
1970   Gertrude V. Pedrick
1971   George E. Koelmel
1972   John J. McCue *
1973   James R. Maquire
1974   John Stewart, Jr.
1975   Ralph N. Cettei *
1976   Richard J. Spurlin
1977   Doris M. Davis
1978   Harry Wohlfarth
1979   John Gliglor
1980   Dena Green Kimmerley
1981   Albert H. Quick *
1982-1983   Rita T. Knowles *
1984   Phyllis J. Gillinger
1985   Stephen C. Drummond
1986   Donald J. Brogan
1987   Elizabeth Meihofer
1988   Leonard Bukenas
1989   Nell E. Woulfe
1990   Carl Haaf *
1991   Richard J. Zammer *
1992   Marilyn L. Snyder
1993   Roscoe Weygand
1994   Nell E. Woulfe
1995   Rick Zammer *
1996-1997   Lydia Spinsoi
1998-1999   Jim Sullivan
2000-2001   Joseph Rauh
2002   Clarence White *
2003   Clarence White*/Joseph Perpetuino
2004   Joseph Perpetuino
2005-2006   Thomas Duffy
2007-2009   Peter Muracco
2010-2011   Joseph Marotta
2012-2013  Pamela Kotter
2014-2015   Jeffery V. Tessing

2016-2017   Dee Wood


History of the Board

May 19, 2011 2:09 pm
posted by admin

The Gloucester County Board of REALTORS® is a vibrant and forward moving organization serving the public of Gloucester County and surrounds since the late 1930’s.

From the time when William R. Storrie was the first president, the Gloucester County Board has grown from a small group of REALTORS who often met for lunch at the Homestead restaurant in Woodbury, to a large and progressive board.

The public well remembers many of the original members and officers who served with the Gloucester County Board, such as “Oats” Holston, the Crist brothers Ed and Sam, P. Mason Fox, Ada E. Wilkins, Lawrence J. Darms, Pearl Budd Coy, William Finger and Elizabeth H. Worthington.  It is a tribute to Gloucester County to have had these and other fine members serve with honor the board and the public.

A new group of officers, under the past leadership of Jack Green, George Koelmel, William DeLaney, Jack Darms, Nort Worthington and many others, had come forward to keep pace with the times.  The Gloucester County Board developed a modern multiple listing service to offer the public, with competence and a high standard of business ethics.

With Presidents Harry Wohlfarth and John Gligor, the Board began to look for permanent headquarters.  On July 2, 1980, settlement was made on a building in Mantua, New Jersey under the leadership of President Dena Green Kimmerley.

Through the efforts of Gloucester Board President, Rick Zammer, and Salem County Board President, Tom Moulder, the merger of the Gloucester and Salem Boards were approved on November 6, 1991 by the National Association of REALTORS.  We are now known as the Gloucester Salem Counties Board of REALTORS®.

The Gloucester Salem Counties Board of REALTORS® is a partner of the National Association of REALTORS®, and all members abide by its strict Code of Ethics.  We are also a shareholder of the Trend Multiple Listing Service, which is comprised of 14 counties in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.


Past Presidents of the Gloucester County Board of REALTORS