Respect for the Public:

1. Always follow the “Golden Rule.”
2. Always respond promptly to inquires and requests for information
3. Schedule appointments as far in advance as possible; call if you are delayed or must cancel anappointment
4. Always schedule property showings in advance.
5. If a prospective buyer decides not to view an occupied home, promptly explain the situation to thelisting broker or the owner.
6. Communicate with all parties in a timely fashion.
7. Enter listing property first to ensure that unexpected situations, such as pets, are handled appropriately.
8. Leave your business card if not prohibited by local rules.
9. Never criticize property in the presence of the owner.
10. Inform sellers that you are leaving after a showing.
11. When showing an occupied home, always ring the doorbell or knock before entering. Knock beforeentering any room.
12. Present a professional appearance at all times; dress appropriately and have a clean car.
13. If the seller is home during a showing, ask their permission before using the telephone or bathroom.
14. Advise the clients of other brokers to direct questions to their agent or representative.
15. Communicate clearly; do not use jargon not readily understood by the general public.
16. Be aware of and respect cultural differences.
17. Show courtesy and respect to the general public.
18. Be aware of and meet all deadlines.
19. Promise only what you can deliver and keep your promises.

Respect for Property:

1. Be responsible for visitors to listed property; never allow buyers to enter property if unaccompanied.
2. When the seller is absent, be sure to turn off the lights, shut windows, and lock doors after a showing.
3. Tell buyers not to smoke in listed property.
4. Use sidewalks; if weather is bad, take off shoes and boots inside the property.
5. When a property is vacant, check that heating and cooling controls are set correctly and check theoutside of the property for damage or vandalism.

Respect of Peers:

1. Call the listing broker to report the results of any showing.
2. Notify the listing broker immediately if anything appears wrong with the property.
3. Notify the listing broker if there appears to be inaccurate information on the listing.
4. Share important information about a property, including the presence of pets; security systems; andwhether sellers will be present during the showing.
5. Show courtesy, trust, and respect to other real estate professionals.